Consultant. Writer. Trainer. Branding Expert. Virtual COO.

A native of Cherry Hill, NJ, Jeff Glauser has 20 years of professional writing experience, along with a proven leadership pedigree in sales, marketing, and education.

Upon graduating Jacksonville University with a BA in Journalism in 1999, he spent two years traveling the continent as an Educational Leadership Consultant for Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. From there, he earned is MFA at the University of Miami’s School of TV and Motion Pictures.

Since then, Jeff has contributed for dozens of publications around the world, including the Associated Press, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo. He has also served as an adjunct professor, and coached/mentored countless individuals as an executive trainer in the digital marketing space.

Jeff now resides in St. Augustine, FL with his wife, two kids, dog, and a goldfish (for now). He frequently smiles at the thought of never shoveling snow or driving on icy roads ever again. In addition to his roles as an advisor and affiliate partner, Jeff is currently developing a screenplay with his Hollywood-based writing partner. In his spare time, you can catch him cheering on his Philly sports teams and singing off-key to his favorite 80s songs.


Serve as a “business consigliere” (minus the mafia implications). I provide white glove concierge services for clients, finding and identifying the right partners, resources, and solutions to help manage all aspects of its growth strategy.  Kind of like a financial adviser, but overseeing your brand as opposed to your

Make a tangible difference in the quality of life for individuals and businesses through providing insights and tools that they can leverage.

Create a sustainable impact through advising growth-minded companies and startups through providing structure, sales training, and general insights/resources created to help them scale their business.

Serve as an affiliate partner for preferred vendors to fill existing gaps in their current suite of digital marketing and digital PR deliverables.

Over the past decade, I have assisted over a half dozen nationally recognized businesses in building out a full corporate training program, creating dozens of sales, marketing, and call center collateral which have assisted in significantly increasing company revenue.

Craft engaging content to create a dynamic impression with your target audience intended to generate more mainstream exposure and credibility for your brand.